I SOLDIER ON - A Song by Francine Leclair Honey

A song inspired by and written for Sgt. Chris Downey and the "Soldier On" organization.  All proceeds from the sale of the singles "I Soldier On" and "Je Vis Sans Limites" will be donated to the "Soldier On Fund".  Please support our troops and "Download the single" or "Donate directly to Soldier On".  Thanks for your love and support….Francine

The Story behind "I Soldier On" and "Je Vis Sans Limites"

I would like to introduce you to Sergeant Chris Downey.  He was wounded in Afghanistan in May, 2010 after being hit by an IED buried in the ground.  He suffered many wounds; burns, broken bones, aneurysms, the loss of his front teeth, some of his upper lip and his right eye. He could not walk, talk, or see.   This man, with the help of an organization called Soldier On, has overcome his injuries.  After seeing his story on the news in Nov 2013, I was so inspired by his courage and honesty to share what he had been through that I sat down and the words for this song fell out the sky.  I am honoured to release the single  "I Soldier On" and it's French counterpart "Je Vis Sans Limites" with all proceeds going to the Soldier On organization.
Chris has trekked to the South Pole, completed the London Marathon, ran from Trenton to Ottawa as part of the Afghanistan Soldier On relay and summited Mount Kilimanjaro.  He was re-instated in the military after 4 years of recovery and continues to serve our country.  He is a true inspiration and one story of many soldiers who have served and continue to serve our country.  You can read about others at Soldier On.  

Many serve our country and are changed forever by either visible or non-visible illness, injury and some even lose their lives.  I was so touched by Chris's story and by the work of the Soldier On organization that all proceeds for the sale of the single  "I Soldier On" and "Je Vis Sans Limites", will be donated to the Soldier On Fund.  Please help support those who have served our country by purchasing one or both of these songs. Spread the news.

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